40 Infographic Story Telling Tools

40 Infographic Story Telling Tools

Infographics tools are everywhere. Whether you are a nonprofit or a small business, you can’t deny that infographics are a hot item. Used the right way, they can help tell compelling stories to generate interest or action on topics, for fundraising or organizational mission awareness. We have gathered 40 resources from around the web to help you in creating infographics or displaying compelling data in interesting ways.

Infographic Tools

  1. Visual.ly –  Quickly and easily create professional quality designs with your own data
  2. Infogr.am – Online tool to create stunning infographics
  3. Inkscape – Desktop vector graphics program. Can be used for putting together infographics
  4. Visualize Free – By Inetsoft. Online data visualization and story telling tool
  5. Re.Vu – Online personal infographic resume’s (Create a resume for your organization?)
  6. Visualize.me – Another online personal infographic resume tool

Create Diagrams

  1. Cacoo- Online diagram creation and collaboration tool
  2. Creately – Online or desktop Mockup/Diagram/Infographic creation tool
  3. Balsamiq – Online or desktop Mockup/Diagram/Infographic creation tool
  4. Gliffy - Online diagram creation tool

Text Analysis / Graphic Display

  1. ManyEyes – IBM visualizations including text tree, word clouds and more
  2. Wordle – Text analysis and display.
  3. Tagxedo – Online text display tools

Make Your Own Charts and Graphs

  1. Hohli Charts – Online chart creation tool. Bar/chart/Venn diagrams and more. Ad supported
  2. ChartsBin – Online interactive charts gallery and creation tool
  3. Gephi – Desktop data analysis and visualization studio
  4. ManyEyes – IBM Datasets and visualization tool. Charts and graphs
  5. Google Public Data – Existing or upload datasets and explorer with visualization tools
  6. GapMinder – Desktop application for analyzing and visualizing statistical data
  7. Chartle – Simple and interactive online charts tool
  8. Tableau – Desktop visualization toolbox

Maps and Geospatial Visuals

  1. StatPlanet – Interactive map maker in free and commercial versions. Part of StatSilk
  2. StatWorld – Interactive online data map creator. Part of StatSilk
  3. ManyEyes – IBM Datasets and visualizations fits under mapping as well.
  4. Google Public Data – Existing or upload datasets and explorer with visualization tools
  5. GapMinder – Desktop application for analyzing and visualizing statistical data
  6. Gunn Map 2 – Online map data display tool
  7. Bubbl.us – Online Mind mapping tool

Infographic Templates

  1. Advanced Infographic Charts and Templates
  2. Infographic Elements – By BitGorilla
  3. Vector Infographic Elements – Free SVG, EPS and PDF
  4. World Infographic Elements – From GraphicRiver
  5. Periodic Table of X – Here’s an example of how this can be used.
  6. Infographic template and charts V5 – By Cursive Q Designs
  7. Free Vector Infographic Kit – Nathan Brown
  8. Infographic elements + template – By Cursive Q Designs

Visual Data Presentation Tutorials and Resources

  1. Create Cool Infographics Tutorial – From Digital Arts Online
  2. Nicholas Felton Guides us through worlds of data – [Video]
  3. Infographr – Great tumblr account wich new infographic examples posted frequently
  4. Daily Infographic – A new infographic daily for inspiration
  5. Visualizing.org – A community and gallery of infographics and data visualizations
  6. How to create outstanding modern infographics
  7. Visual Journalism – “80% of the news in infographics”
  8. StrangeMaps – Cartographic curiosities for inspiration

Did we miss a tool you use or found? Let us know below.