Dell Windows 7 Factory Recovery

Do you have a Dell Laptop that came with Windows 7 but for some odd reason you do not have the restore or recovery options Dell tells you to use and need to recover or restore the machine to the way it came from the factory. Well, if you still have the recovery partition, you […]

Lifering I

Photo courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg

Entrepreneurial IT Departments?

Start-up, entrepreneurial, innovative, free thinking. These are just a few of the terms that describe many great consulting shops and creative agencies. When it comes to craft beer, really engaging with clients and working toward creating valuable solutions, those adjectives have real meaning. But, what about those internal organizational Information Technology / Management teams? What […]

Enterprise Social Network and Collaboration Tools

Just a quick list I’ll be updating of Enterprise Social Network and Collaboration tools (Enterprise Collaboration Software) we have found and/or are reviewing. Our non-profit organization has reached another plateau and is evaluating collaboration tools. I found the make-up of staff to be in two camps. Camp A are those that have grown up in […]

Online Collaboration


PHP 5, MSSQL and LDAP in a Control Panel

Over the past few days, I’ve been evaluating LAMP control panels. In our non-profit, I see some risk to the organization as I am the only person with any depth of LAMP environments. Should theĀ proverbial bus hit me tomorrow, the organization would be in a bind in the short-term. So, without approvals to move to […]

got-svn problems on Mac – Mountain Lion

This came from an Atlassian article that appears to no longer be available or has moved. I pulled this from the Cached version of the article on Google for reference. Hopefully this will others having the same problem with git-svn Mac. Symptoms git-svn repositories fail to clone/pull/push from Subversion after upgrading to Mac OS X […]


Git Resources – Bringing the Team to Git

So you like git eh? Awesome! However, I can see it, you work with some teams that still use SVN or worse yet, no version control. Fear not, me too. I’ll walk you through my experience in getting a team converted and some git resources along the way. (Why you should switch from Subversion to […]


Old School Layout

I thought it might be good to show a little vulnerability. <grin> Today, going low-tech helped me see the forest and the trees. Well, that and a discussion with a colleague. Events of late have really zapped my creative juices. A quick phone call and paper helped show a simpler solution. Hopefully this brings a […]